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Protect Your Crown

Does the name Step 1 ring a bell? My first memory of starting to take care of my hair goes all the way back to when I was between the ages of 9 and 10, when I had this big afro which I maintained with Step 1.

Since then, I have fallen in love with managing my hair to the extent that I even learnt how to plait my own hair. On many occasions, my mom would be encouraged to enter competitions where I could stand a chance to be the face of various hair care products…well I still don’t know where that ended!

The Zulu culture requires that you shave off your hair when there is death in the family as a symbol of bereavement. So at some point, I had to shave off the afro and as my hair grew back, I decided to relax it with the hope that it would grow faster. Lo and behold, it did! Once again, I became the centre of attention as I now had the thickest relaxed hair. Being a lover of fine hair, I taught myself how to maintain my relaxed hair.The importance of wash days, taking good care of my scalp and trimming the split ends are some of the tricks I have discovered along the way.

Nothing is as frustrating as using a product that will do nothing but damage your hair, and I am coming out of  my comfort zone by introducing these products to you. They are a combination of ingredients that have made a huge difference in my hair journey and I do hope that they give you the hair relief that they have given me.

I am convinced that this might be your last stop for hair products!

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Our Background
We are a South African based hair loving company. We pride ourselves in loving all African hair. Established in 2019.